From January 2009 – June 2010 I studied to upgrade my Graduate Diploma in Information and Library Studies to a  Masters of Information Management from Curtin University of Technology.

I submitted a thesis as a requirement for this qualification. The thesis was tentatively titled: Taking matters into our own hands: Influencing factors and concerning factors for libraries that developed Open Source Library Application Software.

The Information Sheet and the Consent Form are available online. I gave all participants a print copy also.

March / April 2009

I am surveying and interviewing developers and managers who supported the development of:

I am also surveying and interviewing library staff who are attending a meeting to specify an Open Source Library management system specifically for research libraries, the Open Library Environment .

Each participant will fill out an on-line questionnaire asking their opinion about factors of influence and concern in their library’s decision to code / support or specify Open Source Library Software . I will then record an interview with them.

June – December 2009

Collating results and writing up.