I am an Australian librarian, author, presenter and facilitator who believes that libraries are about connection, recreation, wisdom, freedom and fun. I work to communicate libraries’ role as central to community building and to freedom of knowledge – not just as buildings and collections, but also online and through the people who work in them.

I am currently researching how to understand kindness in public libraries.

Libraries can remain relevant if we keep our connection with our communities and work out how to serve them best.

We need to re-assess what we do.  We need to work out what to keep, what needs metamorphosis and what needs to be discarded. We need to learn how to use and teach new literacies, to re-create our spaces for people instead of objects, help preserve wisdom and to fight for free and open access to information for everyone. None of this is new – we have been changing like this for centuries.

I like to work with other people to find new ways to do things. I like kicking the tyres to see how things work. I like finding out about new web tools. I like finding out how people are opening up and blending their datasets. I like Open Source, Open Access and unconferences. I like to play with new media and create things. I love encouraging other people and helping them to teach each other.